About us

We are a website design company that offers designs that stand out from our competitors and have unique functionality.

Our History

MTGweb started out in 2001 as a custom web site design company.

We offer inexpensive web site solutions for any business. Currently, we offer cutting edge looking sites that look like they are custom designed from scratch.

We also like to take care of our customers. In the beginning, we had an admin area where our clients could customize their sites. Unfortunately, this presented some problems, as most of our clients didn't want to take the time to learn how to customize their sites. Also, most backends are limited in what customizations can be made. Soon, we realized that most of our clients weren't interested in logging into their backends and making changes, they wanted us to make the changes for them. The only problem with that was we had to use the limited user interface designed for non-web professionals. On top of that, the few customers that did use the backend, ended up with sites looking less then optimal, due to their lack of design experience. In the end we decided to remove the backend admin area for design changes and have our designers take care of the changes so the sites look like they are professionally designed sites. For the most part, we take care of everything and don't charge extra. We are not a company that likes to "nickel and dime it's customers". However, there are cases in which customizations are more then we can do at no additional cost. In those instances we will inform our clients upfront and tell them what the additional costs will be. Our staff makes sure a design or redesign of your web site is a pleasant experience. Our web sites not only have WOW factor, they also include constant maintenance and customer support as needed. We do not abandon our clients after the project is complete. We care about improving your business through your web site and optimizing its qualities.

Since the inception of MTG WEB, Inc., our goal has always been to offer better products then our competitors at a lower price. I think we have achieved that goal.

Customer Support

We focus on giving you superior customer service. While we deal in technology, there are some technologies we don't believe in, like complex automated voice mail systems. If you have a question, give us a call and most likely we will pick up the phone and help you. If it happens that we are busy at the time of your call, leave a message and someone will get back with you ASAP.


Our Website Designers and Programmers are highly skilled and professional. Their great knowledge in HTML5, Bootstrap, Java, PHP and more allows them to create beautiful websites.

Fresh Solutions

We offer our clients full service maintenance for their websites, programming availability to make sites more dynamic along with creating pages to make your advertising campaigns more effective. At MTGWEB, we don’t want you to be limited in what your website can do. We want you to have everything you can imagine.

What Clients Say About Us